The Difference between White composite fillings and silver amalgam fillings

Author: Dr Behnam Aminnejad. Posted: 03.11.23

Comparison of White Composite Fillings and Silver Amalgam Fillings

1. Composition:

  • White Composite Fillings: Made from plastic resin and finely ground glass particles. Tooth-colored and can be shaded to match natural teeth.
  • Silver Amalgam Fillings: Composed of metals including silver, tin, copper, and mercury. Silver-gray in appearance.

2. Aesthetic Considerations:

  • White Composite Fillings: Natural appearance, can be matched to the color of patient's teeth, less noticeable, and aesthetically pleasing.
  • Silver Amalgam Fillings: Conspicuous due to silver color, more noticeable, especially for visible teeth.

3. Bonding Process:

  • White Composite Fillings: Bond directly to tooth structure, strengthen the tooth, and require less removal of healthy tooth structure.
  • Silver Amalgam Fillings: Held by mechanical retention, may require more removal of tooth structure, potentially weakening the tooth over time.

4. Sensitivity:

  • White Composite Fillings: Less post-operative sensitivity, especially with newer generation composites.
  • Silver Amalgam Fillings: Can cause more post-operative sensitivity, especially to temperature changes.

5. Allergic Reactions:

  • White Composite Fillings: Extremely rare allergic reactions to composite materials.
  • Silver Amalgam Fillings: Very rare allergic reactions to metals in amalgam fillings.

6. Durability:

  • White Composite Fillings: Improved durability but may not last as long as amalgam fillings, especially in high-stress areas.
  • Silver Amalgam Fillings: Known for durability, withstand significant wear and tear, suitable for back teeth.

7. Cost:

  • White Composite Fillings: More expensive due to materials used and skill required for placement.
  • Silver Amalgam Fillings: Generally more cost-effective.
In Summary

The choice between white composite and silver amalgam fillings depends on factors such as cavity location, aesthetics, budget, and patient preferences. Dentists can assist patients in making informed decisions based on their specific needs and circumstances.

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